Our story

In 2015 Jonty and Gareth founded FluidIT Consulting with a shared vision for helping people and organisations to change and succeed.
With combined experience of more than 30 years’ programme management and business consulting, we began to create a new movement in management consultancy.
A movement built on enshrining the equitable distribution of benefits. One where we place the highest value on developing people and building client capabilities.
A movement in which the advice and guidance we give our clients is truly impartial because the client’s success is our only consideration.
A movement where, above all, we focus on making the work environment a place people want to be. A place where we have fun and do what we love: help businesses to change in inspired and meaningful ways to everyone’s benefit.

We work to build on and improve your business intelligence, performance management feedback and corporate learning mechanisms to inform everything we do and to measure the success of everything we change.


Our philosophy is the foundation of everything we do:

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